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Beautiful Tanger

Tanger is like 15 km from Tarifa and after 4 years living here I finally took the ferry to visit this beautiful city ! I stayed there for 3 days of relaxing and chill mode, so for sure I haven’t explored everything that the city has to offer but here is a list of the recommendation I got and the places I have been to !

Where to stay:

  • La tangerina : This is the place where we stayed, it has a perfect location in the Kasbah, the old town of Tanger. It is on the highest point of the Medina which offers an incredible view on the ocean & the city. The hotel has it's own private Hammam, fresh and homemade breakfast on the rooftop and a super nice old style decoration. Special mention to the speaker system that is reusing old US radio in every room of the hotel. We didn't do it but you have the option to have dinner there with a 4 courses meal.

  • Mimi Calpe Defienitly want to try this one next time I head to Tanger ! It's just a little bit outside from the old town, and it has a private pool ! Which must be super nice in warm days

  • Aux 3 portes Tanger

  • Nord Pinus: next door to Tangerina

Where to eat / drink tea :

  • Chez Hassan 8 Rue de la Kasbah, Tanger 90000, Maroc good vegetarian couscous, we were there on Friday so you can find couscous in all the lunch menu of the restaurant, so I took it and really loved it ! Boris had the BBQ style octopus and tagine ! Easy going place and affordable !

  • Salon Bleu I didn't get the chance to go there as it was the seasonal closing, but every single person I know who went there recommend it to me !

  • El morocco Club Place du Tabor, Kasbah, 2 min walking from La tangerina this restaurant is super versatile, you can enjoy a lunch under a massive tree on their outside terrace and at night go for a cosy romantic dinner that can end up on their speakeasy style bar where there is Live piano or Dj set !

  • Hammadi: 2 Rue de la Kasbah, Tanger listen to live traditional music with local food

  • Patisserie Al Afrah 33 Rue de la Kasbah, Tanger 90000, Maroc yes I am addicted to sweets and this place felt like paradise !

  • Café Cherifa: I love the colorful decoration that matches with the Andalusian district, sunny terrace and nice view

  • Hotel continental: It feels like you are walking into the past, this hotel and café looks like a museum, a place froze in another time where you can walk around and enjoy a tea with a nice port view

  • at after walking around the shops walk out from the Kasbah and enjoy a tea in an artistic vibe, this place gather locals, tourists and students

  • Ray charly 5 Rue Siaghine, if you like street food I would totally recommend this place to eat a nice sandwich with morocoan spices, I took the vegetarian option with one egg, it costs like 3€ and you are full until your next tea & pastry !

What to do:

  • Kasbah museum: This museum gather contemporary art and the history of Tanger. The monument itself is impressive ! It also has a beautiful garden, arts & crafts from the Roman.

  • Go shopping in the souks and on your way up, go to Las Chicas shop they have a beautiful selection of ceramic, clothes and jewelries. If you wanna buy Amlou you can go to the shop in front of Chez Hassan it's the only place where I found pure Amlou only almonds and not a mix of nuts for a good price (as the price of Argan has increased this year, it's getting quite expensive)

  • Cape Spartel

  • Hercules cave as we didn't have a car we took the red bus to go there, they give you headphone but sadly nobody was there to explain what was around or share the history, so on that side it was a little bit useless but the way there is incredible and we will for sure do it again with a car to be able to stop along the coast and go to Asilah. Which by the way has great surfing spots !

  • Go to the movie at Cinémathèque de Tanger: Grand Socco, Pl. du 9 Avril 1947

So at the end it really worst it ! You can totally go there for 2 days and one night or just on a day trip.

For those coming to my yoga retreat in Tarifa it can be a nice way to extend your stay !

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