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Journaling & Yoga notes

As a yoga teacher notebooks are an essential tool to my everyday work. I use them to prepare my classes but also in a more introspective way and this is what I am going to share with you on this note.

Notebooks, especially the ones from Nuuna, are a pure creative tool to express on paper what you truly feel on the inside. Opening up the notebook for some of you might feel at first hard. it’s a blank page, you don’t know how to start what to write ! Let’s not bring stress into that moment that you’re creating for yourself to feel good !

My tip for that is to always leave the very first page of my notebook empty and I strat on the right page. Then you can come back to it and maybe draw - write or paste something that make sense for you later.

First thing when you do journaling is make it nice for yourself. Do it when you feel like it, no must, no have to and you'll see that it might slowly get into your habit and you’ll do it on a regular basis without even noticing it really.

I would recommend you to give a date to your writing just so that if you go back to your notes one day you have an idea of when that was in your lifetime.

Then you can start with writing down:

  • How do you feel - in your heart - in your head and in your body.

  • Gratitude: what do you feel grateful for ! Maybe start with 3 things even if you had a very bad day you can always find something good, maybe you had a delicious coffee, you’ve been listening to birds, sun on your skin, the smile of a random person…

  • Free expression: write down, draw, paste a pic, sticker, letter whatever has a meaning for you at that moment !

Be your true self that all you’re doing for you is for you. No one's gonna read it or judge you !

A main moment in your journaling journey is the end of the year ! Every year I close this energetic portal with a journal moment.Creating myself a cosy space, music, candles, loads of pens and a notebook that I’ve been using all year and that I’m going to close as the year ends. Here is how I structure - not so really structured tho:

1- Review of the drawing by drawing, writing key words

2- Gratitude List cause it feels good to remind it to ourselves how the universe is providing us happiness in our everyday life

3- Coming year dreams & intentions where do I want to drive my energies to ! You can use the 8 areas of life : Love, work, mental, spiritual, money, physical, social and inspiration. Then think of what do you want to leave behind me from the previous year

That’s how I handle it but obviously there is no right or wrong on it ! Just finding time & space to do it your way is already amazing.

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